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I was a member of Antifa Thanks to you Im not.pdf
This email from Blackwell includes a message from the Leadership Institute's Regional Field Coordinator, Gabriel Nardales, who claims to have been a former antifa member. He credits LI with his decision to leave.

LI 2019 X-mass letter.pdf
Blackwell tells donors about his year, the passing of his wife, his bee colony, as well as the Leadership Institute's activities.

A new crop of conservative leaders.pdf
This email uses the example of Ann Coulter to show how the Leadership Institute trains conservative leaders.

Can you mentor a campus conservative.pdf
This email asks for donations to support Campus Reform.

It starts before the first bell has rung.pdf
This email discusses the threat of leftist ideology on college campuses, and Campus Reform as a watchdog against that abuse.

Its not enough to be right.pdf
This email describes the importance of the Leadership Institute in training conservative activists, using the example of Summer Stephan.

Keep up with whats happening on campuses.pdf
Have campus reform stories sent directly to your email.

Reporter – Leadership Institute, Campus Reform – Arlington, VA.pdf
Talent Market posted a job listing for a Campus Reform reporter position.

Welcome to CampusWire.pdf
Welcome email to the Leadership Institute listserv CampusWire.

Fundraising Call.pdf
After signing up for CampusWire, the Leadership Institute email listserv, this window appears asking for donations.
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