It starts before the first bell has rung

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It starts before the first bell has rung


Leftist indoctrination on campus


This email discusses the threat of leftist ideology on college campuses, and Campus Reform as a watchdog against that abuse.


Morton Blackwell




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The leftist indoctrination on college campuses begins even before classes start.

At many schools, freshman orientation includes programs based on “social justice” and
poisonous concepts like “identity politics.” Students at Cornell, for example, were told to
attend a mandatory lecture on “expectations related to identities and bias.”

Once classes start, professors brainwash their impressionable students with radical
leftist ideology. If students speak up for conservative principles, they face vicious bias,
discrimination, and even physical assault.

Facing intense pressure, it’s no wonder many conservative students fall victim to the
liberal propaganda. By the time they graduate, many conservative students are
unrecognizable to their parents -- they’re either cowed into silence or – worse -- become
leftists themselves.

The colleges that should educate America’s young people instead indoctrinate and
intimidate them. It’s no wonder that many young people turn their backs on the
Constitution and support socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I tell you this not to discourage you but to illustrate the challenges young
conservatives face. Conservatives cannot afford to abandon universities to the far left.
An entire generation of Americans is at risk.

Too often, these abuses go unreported. And it’s hard to fix a problem the public isn’t
aware of.

That’s where Campus Reform, the Leadership Institute’s campus watchdog website
comes in. Campus Reform exposes the abuses that the mainstream media won’t.

Visit the Campus Reform website to read about these outrages for yourself.

Campus Reform’s stories get real results. Our reporting is picked up by national and
local media outlets. Public pressure forces campus administrators to change their
policies. Liberal professors have been disciplined and even fired after Campus Reform
reveals their abuses.

Unwinding the left’s tentacles from higher education will not be easy, and it may take a
long time. But to save America in the future we must start now.

I’m pleased to have you by my side in this fight. Thank you for your support.


Morton C. Blackwell
President, Leadership Institute

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It starts before the first bell has rung





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