"I was a member of Antifa. Thanks to you, I'm not"

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"I was a member of Antifa. Thanks to you, I'm not"




This email from Blackwell includes a message from the Leadership Institute's Regional Field Coordinator, Gabriel Nardales, who claims to have been a former antifa member. He credits LI with his decision to leave.


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Hello Friend,

From time to time, I’d love to show you stories about how the Leadership Institute and our Campus Reform website help young college conservatives stand up for our shared principles.

Today, let me share with you a note from a young man on a college campus whose life was headed in the wrong direction. He was a member of Antifa, the black-masked, leftwing thugs who attack conservatives on campuses and elsewhere. A Leadership Institute campus representative set him on the right course. Read this from Gabriel Nadales:

Dear Morton,

Before I joined the conservative movement, I had a very different past.

I was a member of Antifa.

My name is Gabriel Nadales, and I am now a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute. My job is to defend conservative students against abuses from leftist professors and academics on college campuses in California and Hawaii.

When I was in college, I believed in free speech and in helping the “little guy.” Antifa presented themselves as a compassionate, inclusive group who cared about those same principles.

For three years, I traversed Southern California with Antifa. During that time, I learned the truth about them.

I learned that not only are they violent and hateful, but they’re inconsistent.

They said that they support the average person – but called for big government to stifle individual rights. And as a proponent of free speech and individual liberty, I knew this was wrong.

While I was a student at Citrus College in California – and still a member of Antifa – I was introduced to a Leadership Institute Regional Field Coordinator. He took time to talk with me about individual freedom and even gave me He took time to talk with me about individual freedom and even gave me several books to read.

The book that stood out to me the most was Frédéric Bastiat’s “The Law.” Like me, Bastiat was disillusioned with people who would use government as a tool to oppress others.

I began to reflect upon conservative and liberty-minded philosophy . . .

. . . and left Antifa in my past.

Thanks to your support of the Leadership Institute, I became a passionate advocate for conservative principles. I organized a liberty-minded student group on my campus, then joined the Leadership Institute’s national campus team to help other students find their voices for liberty.

If it were not for the work of the Leadership Institute, I don’t think I would be where I am today. Thank you for supporting young people like me, and the conservative movement.

Your support not only helps shift the culture in America back to conservatism, but also helps shape the lives of college students.

I’m so grateful for your support so that I can continue to help students stand up for conservative principles, the Constitution, and traditional principles – the same way the Leadership Institute helped me.

I hope you’re as moved by this as I am. I invite you to learn more about supporting the Leadership Institute’s on-campus efforts to reach young people like Gabriel.


Morton C. Blackwell
President, Leadership Institute

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"I was a member of Antifa. Thanks to you, I'm not"






Morton Blackwell, “"I was a member of Antifa. Thanks to you, I'm not",” My cms, accessed December 10, 2023, https://isaackamola.domains.trincoll.edu/items/show/8.

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