It's not enough to be right

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It's not enough to be right


Summer Stephan
Training activists


This email describes the importance of the Leadership Institute in training conservative activists, using the example of Summer Stephan.


Morton Blackwell


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I’m fond of saying that it’s not enough to be right.

It’s not enough for conservatives to have the best ideas, grounded in the timeless
principles of the American founding.

Time and again, you and I have seen principled conservative candidates and initiatives
go down in defeat. The radical left can be terrifyingly effective.

Just because conservatives are correct does not mean that conservatives will win.

To beat the well-disciplined, well-financed leftist machine and preserve America’s
founding principles for future generations, conservatives must equip a new crop of
leaders -- candidates, activists, and students -- with the training and tools they require
to win in a constitutional, lawful, and respectful manner. This is precisely what your
Leadership Institute sets out to accomplish.

Let me tell you about Summer Stephan. In 2016, she graduated from the Leadership
Institute’s Campaign Academy in San Diego, California, an intensive training course
that prepares future candidates and campaign staff for success.

And after winning election in 2018 against a candidate who had support from national
leftist groups, Summer became the San Diego County District Attorney.

There are countless stories like hers in thousands of communities across America.

Last year, your Leadership Institute trained 8,129 conservative candidates, activists,
and students -- equipping them with the practical political know-how they require to win
on behalf of our shared principles.

New conservative leaders are not born, Isaac. They must be deliberately cultivated --
and that’s up to you and me.

There’s so much more to accomplish, and I’m confident that you and I will secure our
nation for generations to come.

Morton C. Blackwell
President, Leadership Institute

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It's not enough to be right




Morton Blackwell, “It's not enough to be right,” My cms, accessed December 10, 2023,

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